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Has it had a video game before? : Yes, many! PSOne, PS2, PC, N64, NDS, PSP…

Were they good? : All of them were terrible

A good game should play something like: Zone of Enders

Let’s face it: if you are even thinking about grabbing an Evangelion video game, it’s because you want to pilot the Evas. But a fighting game, no matter how good, would never recapture the feeling and variety of the battles seen in the TV show, so we would need some puzzle and exploration elements, such as what was seen in the Zone of Enders game. Also, enough with the TV / Manga adaptations already! We’d like to see maybe an expansion of episode 7’s story line, but set a bit further down along the road (we want Asuka in the team, at least): are Nerv really the only ones trying to fend off the Angels? Any excuse to see robots battling it out, really.